The House Project

This work can be seen as an independent piece but it was made to interact and act complementary to the piece half House Table created by my fellow student @Annabelle Quick.

'We would like to play with the notion of the house as an interior and exterior. Our interpretation based on mass production and ergonomic ways of living were crucial to the construction. Like Rachel Whiteread's House, we would like to lead the viewer towards an uncomfortable relation with architecture. We tried to turn the house inside out as well and place the viewer in both spaces – position at the same time. The notion of inclusion and privacy are conveyed by both the inside and outside situation. Although there is the element of choice each time – how you want to live.'

more info on PDF

If the link doesn't work please see the the photographs below:

half House Chair: wood construction with plywood, lags, beams, planks, straw 80x116,5x205cm