plastic mass, blower fan, heater, lamp
plastic mass, wrap, sketches, stones, coral shaped porcelain...
Video 05:23 1. At the beginning of the audio we hear a rebel...

Portrait of a Precious Object
In the third presentation of the precious object, I tried to combine again the notion of home and memory with the natural environment of my object, its history and materials. The stone was found by me in the sea of the Greek island I come from called Ikaria. The stone is an element of nature built by minerals - land pieces. My stone used to be a part of a huge rock- mass in the sea, probably close to the beach named Kampos where I found it while diving. The appearance of the stone now is a process of years travelling from land to water and land again. Its consistency is different as salt and water and other mixing materials from the sea have been added to it. Also, the natural elements of heat by the sun, the air and waves caused its demolition from its first home – the rock. I took it and then it became my precious object that I brought in Netherlands to remind me of my home, my roots, my family, nature and the sea. It is a memory, a natural element and a signified of my home, the need and constant search to find a place to be.
I wanted to create a feeling of ocean, an atmosphere where natural elements of the outside can exist and interact with the work. I wanted also to create a safe place that someone can enter and experience personally. Every object I used for the inside is a part of a memory and at the same time a connection between the human and the sea. - A place that feels like a dive into the sea and experiencing the outside elements of the appliances. When you take a look at the installation from the outside it seems totally different and the whole spaces is affected by the air, heating and light.
While seeing my work a video is being played.
The video shows the famous dance and song of the Island of Ikaria. In the background you can hear the sound of house demolitions. The main audio comes from a Greek movie called "ούλοι εμείς εφέντη" by leonidas Vardaros. I took several recordings from the movie, combined them and added them to the video. The movie represents true facts that happened to the island from 1949 to 1955. The island used to be an exile Island for Communists. The story is about the people of Ikaria and 8 last rebels that were hiding there with the help of the locals until they manage to escape. My grandfather was one of them.