Portrait of a Precious Object

For this work I was very much influenced by the documentary 'Forgotten Space' (2010) by Allan Sekula and Noël Burch. As all of my previous concepts around the precious object revolved around the notions of home - roots - see - constant movement I wanted to talk about labor, migration and the unseen rules of the sea market-trade. The documentary I mention is about the notion of today's world economy, capitalism, globalization and how West and some East countries are taking advantage of the chaotic sea, to form today's bio politics. A product of these power relations is also cheap labor and migration. A constant movement that starts and ends at the sea.

I placed a big scale wire netting to look like a big wave. On its surface I placed rocks, pastry with screws and nails and colored paper boxes. I put the pastry as a memory of family and home we carry, pined violently in a wire net- a border - a potential home and a reminder of what is brutally lost. Stones work as a form of protest against a fixed system but again as land we carry, find and lose again. The colored boxes look like cargo lost in the sea. The whole installation is like a map of clues forming a very recent situation especially in the Aegean Sea.