Portrait of a Precious Object

For this project I concentrated in the concept of roots, thinking about Deleuze & Guattari's theory regarding Rhizome. The idea of being as something that always flows, as an idea of multiple multiplicities without a standard structure - a constants movement of binaries. This ideas made me think of constant movement of people changing land and how this movement is crucial for our existence. Thus, I created some works from paper tape and fabric on wax to represent organic forms, like tissues or roots.

Thinking of the sea and the idea of home I created some corals around the roots. The corals are concrete masses created in the sea and they as well can wear out and change shape. Looking at the whole installation on the left you can see a construction where I put geometrical wire forms on juxtaposed stone-like objects. This work represents the basis of a house before building constructions that holds the house together - our need for stability and structure in comparison with the flow/movement of roots/life.