Portrait of a Precious Object

This piece is a memory - recipe I created. For this piece I used flour and water to create a pastry using my grandma’s equipment and tried to make it like she used to. In the water for the pastry, I added a lot of salt and iodine trying to approach the sea water. At the end I added negatives of old photographs with my family which I had cut in pieces. I also added soil from my family’s garden which was mixed with small stones and roots from plants. Then I shaped the pastry creating different motives made from letters I recently used in order to exist – communicate in my current environment. The letters were from Greek, English, Dutch and Russian language. Those languages represent my current condition and ‘journey’ through different situations - as the stone passed from different conditions to become what it is now. The recipe is a smell, an heirloom, a memory. The sea elements represent the sea that converted the stone and the negatives are destroyed memories in the distorted landscape I finally made. Then, after some days mold appeared all over the pastry parts and remains like that until today.